Personal Narrative: My Experience At Mount Wachusett Community College

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In April 2007, I started dating a man who is my husband today. After three months of a relationship, he left our country Rwanda and moved to The United States of America. After three years of distant relationship I finally joined him.
When I came to The United States of America in August 2010, I came as an international student and in September I started school at Mount Wachusett Community College in Business Administration Major. The first semester has been really challenging. The new language which was English and new academic system were challenging me. That first semester I completely failed. The second semester I tried my best to improve myself and I retook some of the classes I failed in the first semester. But it was not really enough. It is on my third semester that I really did well in all my classes. I could be more comfortable with the school system and with the professors. I was able to communicate effectively in English. After those three semesters, at the end of
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I took all prerequisites classes I needed before transferring to Bachelor of Science in Nursing. When I was thinking about which school to transfer to, a friend of my husband who goes to Anna Maria College recommended it to us. I chose to transfer to AMC because it is a small school with small classes, and in my research I have done, I have learned that the school professors really care about student’s learning. When I made a call to the school, to have more information, I spoke with Susan Murphy the Director of Transfer Admission. Susan was very helpful, she provided all the information I needed. I also visited the school where I was able to speak with her in person and she provided more specific information I needed for transferring at AMC. What I amazed me it that, when I visited the school, I didn’t even have an appointment with Susan, but she was more flexible and received me in her office. And then I became more engaged to
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