Personal Narrative: My Experience At Rollins College

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Visiting the campus of Rollins College for the first time can leave a memorable impression on a person. Every corner of the campus is literally built with valuable memories dating back generations upon generations. Speaking from personal experience, looking around and taking in all of what the college has to offer has left a lingering impression. As a fairly new student, I am amazed as to how much I have yet to discover, explore and learn about my new college. The first time I set foot at Rollins was when I went through the student orientation. Yes, it was a long session filled with an overload of information in one afternoon. However, the orientation redeemed itself to become interesting when the coordinator, Dr. Kenyon, took the whole group into the Knowles Memorial Chapel. It was at this time that the weather had turned from sunny and warm to dark and gloomy from the oncoming afternoon storm. Although instead of making it an abhorrent experience due to the rain, the weather actually set a rather compelling atmosphere to take a quick tour through the Chapel. Dark wooden pews…show more content…
It is up and foremost a classroom, a place of community gathering and an aspect of student life at Rollins College. Here students learn to grow and be involved with different activities all year long. Knowles Chapel hosts various activities from weddings, musical group’s presentations to its renowned Bach festival throughout the academic year. It is also home to two very important artifacts of history, the Window to Wisdom and the Great Organ. Both are very specific and unique parts that make up Knowles Chapel. A further interesting fact concerning Knowles Chapel is that at the very top of the chapel tower sits a bell. However, not any ordinary bell has been placed on top of the tower. The bell in the tower is the same one that has been used to call students into classrooms since
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