Personal Narrative: My Experience At The Ashtabula Area City School

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I attended my entire schooling experience in Ashtabula Area City School District. When I was in school I always thought that we had a large heterogeneous 3402 students. After learning more about the AACS district, I learned that it is predominantly made up of a white/non-Hispanic (66.7%) population with Hispanic (13.9%), Multi-racial (11.4%), and students with disabilities (20.7%) making up other large portions of the enrollment. Although we do have different ethnicities that attend my district it is still primarily one ethnicity that makes up the district. Mobility of the students is another large factor in a districts statistics, for my district all students have a mobility rate of 11.2%. The top three highest mobility rates for Ashtabula’s…show more content…
The different groups of students also tended to have different graduation rates which included; White students with 84.0%, economic disadvantage with 81%, and students with disabilities having 74.1% graduation rates. One of the most important statistics that I learned about was financial data and how that breaks down into spending per student. Ashtabula Area City Schools is among the 20% of the lowest districts in spending per student. The AACS district spending per pupil is $7,866 (classroom spending is $5,268 and non-classroom spending is $2,597) compared to state spending per pupil which is $9,189 (classroom instruction is $6,192 and non-classroom spending is $2,998). After looking at the statistics about my school I was extremely surprised about the lower grades that my district received. When I was attending school I thought that we were a very intelligent school and we offered many different extra-curricular activities. I always thought that since we had so many different options and all the other students around me tended to do well in school, I assumed that our grades would be much higher than what we were
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