Personal Narrative: My Experience At The Naval Academy

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I was initially drawn to the Naval Academy because I want to be a pilot. I have wanted to be a military pilot for a long time, so when I was researching colleges I was drawn to the service academies. I have chosen to apply to the naval academy because I think that it is a great path towards this goal. I also have the goal of strengthening my faith. I believe that attending a school such as the Naval academy and experiencing its challenges will do that. I also believe that I have certain character traits that will allow me to succeed in a challenging environment such as the academy. During the summer of 2016 I went to Philmont, a scouting high adventure base in New Mexico. We had a seven day backpacking trek scheduled, and I was not…show more content…
Also, I had been on several shorter trips since then. The trip turned out to contain one of the hardest experiences, both physically and mentally, of my life. Our longest day in distance was our fourth day and we were summiting two peaks in one day. On top of the first peak we saw dark clouds heading our way. The storm caught up to us as we were almost on the second peak. We moved off the trail and down the side of the mountain a little ways so that we would be less likely to get struck by lightning. Our group crouched on the side of the mountain for the longest hour and a half of my life. Enduring an hour and a half of cold rain, hail, and constant lightning strikes coming as close as a quarter of a mile away was incredibly mentally challenging. The day did not end with the storm, however. We still had another 5 miles to go, so we ended up hiking around 11 miles that day ( 1.5 more than planned), and it stormed on us two more times before we made it to camp. By the time we made it to camp, I had the initial symptoms of hypothermia, and most of our gear was soaked through. I got relatively no sleep that night as well because of the soaked gear. It was so cold that the person that I tented with needed to
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