Personal Narrative: My Experience At The University Of Georgia

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My experience at the arch makes me wonder if the University of Georgia purposefully put up a plaque honoring Confederate students and teachers beside the first black student’s hall. There are many other amazing professors that have gone through the UGA system before 1991, so was this a direct jab at the Hunter and Holmes Hall? Honestly, I do not believe this invalidates anybody’s rights. Ultimately, this just makes people uncomfortable to remember such a dark time in American history. It does not make sense why Athens would want to promote such a horrible memory like the Civil War to outshadow such a great victory for civil rights. This class is very beneficial to me, it truly has opened my eyes to how much injustice occurs around me and how to improve not only Athens but my hometown. All of the lessons are applicable to real life scenarios, which is priceless because sometimes…show more content…
Currently, Georgia has a law that the top five most competitive public schools cannot accept illegal immigrants. However, the few schools that do accept undocumented immigrants charge out of state tuition with little to none financial aid which makes it impossible for most of them to afford. Its purpose is to provide the students with a higher education because the state of Georgia is denying them that simple right. I believe that this violates the core American value of equal opportunity. Furthermore, Georgia is denying immigrants to college based on that they were not born in this country, not based on their grades or any controllable situation. Ultimately, Georgia is essentially promoting the idea of dropping out of high school because there is almost no chance of obtaining any higher degree of education. Why sit in class when you can work for your family? In conclusion, Georgia is wrong for this and should allow college admissions to be based on merit not where you are
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