Personal Narrative: My Experience At Windham High School

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Decisions that do not seem so transformative in hindsight turn out to be life changing. As I near graduation, I realized how instrumental Windham High School has been in my evolution from a timid freshman who was anxious of unfamiliar people and situations to a more courageous person excited to meet new people and challenges.
I had always planned to attend Windham High School. My brother, a senior when I was in eighth grade, had introduced me to the atmosphere, diversity intertwined in friendships, along with determined and hardworking students who were also able to laugh with each other. After seeing this, I wanted to be a part of the Windham environment. My friends, however, chose the more affluent and homogenous school offered to us. My
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Walking into the school cafeteria knowing that I didn't have any friends to walk to was terrible. It felt like when the adult or friend with whom you are shopping with spontaneously disappears. Then panic starts to set in along with the fear that they are never coming back. Walking to one of the unoccupied tables, with disappointment and hopelessness, thinking that other students were looking at my defeated body language. However, taking a quick look up and around the room I realize that nobody was looking in my direction. After sitting alone and staring at the clock hoping it would go faster, the time came to take a tour of the high school. During the tour I watched people in my group make little jokes to their friends. Not knowing anyone I stayed in the back and wished that I knew someone there or that someone else was in my situation so I was not alone. I was doubting my decision and wishing that I was with my friends.
About halfway into the tour, a girl, Mary, notices how shy and uncomfortable I am and says “hi”. I was surprised but responded with a simple “hi” and a forced smile. She said that I could walk with her and her friends Lauren and Zila. To me, this meant that I would no longer have to worry about being alone at Windham. This “hi” was like someone lit a small candle in a dark tunnel. The little connection I made with them that day made me feel comfortable enough to
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