Personal Narrative: My Experience At Wooster Elementary

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At Wooster Elementary, I was in 3rd grade everyone was nice to me on my first day of school. That helps me be nice now day’s. In 4th grade i had a teacher mrs welden and she was the nicest teacher in 4th grade. That helped me not talk back to the teacher’s. In fifth grade all my teachers influenced me and told me to keep on going and work hard. Sometimes I quit because it got to hard. I had loved my math teacher (Mrs. Peacock). She taught and taught me and told me to keep on going. She let me eat in class (Not really I Did it without her telling me I can.) I was also the craziest in the whole fifth grade. In middle school it changes. In 6th grade I have a lot of responsibilities. Examples, lockers, more homework, bad kids, mean kids, a lot
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