Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Change

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Throughout my experience of change I have learned that it is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.
My life leads me to let some things roll off my shoulders, while other things stress me out. I can hear one parent say, "Do your chores before you go anywhere!" Then, over the weekend, my other parent will say, "Go have fun, you can do chores later." When the talk focused on college, I knew how to adjust to the situation based on the way I was raised. My life story shifted when I was six years old. My parents divorced and I suddenly lived in two homes. My Mother was suddenly limited with money. She had to be cautious about any spending. The house was orderly and my sister, who was lagging in
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When volunteering at a near by church, I came across some traumatized families who were crippled with pain. Trying not to let the families see me cry, I began to walk around the church. Suddenly I see two familiar faces sitting beside the church pews. On the way back from school everyday; I would see the same two boys always laughing and playing on the side of the road. I began to comfort the boys by distracting them with my phone to play games on. Due to the contrast of my upbringing, I learned adaptability. This means that I am reliable, accountable, and I can thrive in almost any situation. On the other hand, I can "chill" and take time to enjoy the moments.
Getting ready for my post-high school work, I needed to remain flexible. I planned to make the most of each situation. For example, relates when Harvey devastated my community. Which brought me to the conclusion that not everyone can adapt to situations so comfortably. Moving to a different place requires adaptability, choosing a future career insists upon adaptability, and living independently is what I learned to do by the way I was
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