Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Drinking

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Several drinks later the frustrations that had been coursing throughout my veins had ceased and were replaced with a sense of tranquility. The dispute between Audrina and me had been forcefully driven to the back of my conscience mind. I could vaguely hear the low hums from the granite countertop, but I was trying with every ounce of strength to remove the agitation from my ears. Audrina was fuming at the ears; she was in no mood to talk kindly to or about me at this point. I had never fully grasped her concept or hatred towards my drinking; I just knew she incandescently angered by it. Any chance she got the chance she would ramble with no end about the ‘negative repercussions’ that I would have to face. She would always go on about how my addiction had no benefactors for my body or my mind. She would always have this small crease that…show more content…
You’ve never been the reason why I wanted to drink. You’re far from that. I know you probably won’t forgive me for quite some time and I understand that wholeheartedly. I had only said those cruel things about how you were the reason I wanted to drink because I knew how upset it would make you and it worked. Audrina, I am so sorry. “This argument made me think, really think even through my drunken state. I am becoming an alcoholic; I want to stop drinking, for you. I knew you hate my drinking and tonight I realized what it is doing to me, what it is doing to you. So I’m going to quit. For you… I’m going to be strong for you. I want you to support me as my best friend because that would mean everything to me. Audrina Rose I love you to death and I’m going to try to do better for myself as well as you. I’m so sorry for what I said tonight and I hope you forgive me one day….” Without any hesitation my thumb had hit the tiny blue send arrow box. I gently moved my phone to my bedside table and laid my head down against the hard pillow. My eyes had shut
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