Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Working At Baldwin

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Working at Baldwin, my duties were to clean the spice rack with soap, water, and sanitation, arrange the condiments and cooking material in their proper home, wash a pot, and clean a few of the carts. The most important job I had was to make sure I was not in the way of food leaving the kitchen. The most important part that I have learned during ny experience at Baldwin is what spices, oil, and sauces go into my food. I now know there is caster oil. I sadly did view the two big boxes of salt that had a label, but basil leaves did not. In the beginning, I did have to ask for a stepping stool, so I would be able to properly clean the shelf. I would understand this as difficult to one with much worse hips than my own. The consistent stepping up and down even if the person has bad knees is a pain to go through every day.…show more content…
The chefs yelling where they were coming out of in order to avoid a catastrophe of a food item that is hot, spilling. The friendly chefs telling me if I have any questions, I can ask any of them. Cleaning the carts would have to be labeled as the most difficult job. There was old food, dirt, and some unidentifiable items in the smallest, out of reach places. I did not mind cleaning up for the chefs and cooks because I would rather clean than have the cookers clean up the carts even after a full day over a hot stove. I would not mind doing what I did at Baldat again. I do know that cleaning the spice rack, carts, and an extremely humongous pot will eventually wear out. However, my motivation would be to know I am helping the community to be more productive, I am helping keep food go out to the various stations to choose from by sanitizing the carts that the meals go
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