Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Working With Young Children

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What I learned about my ability to work with young children is that they need a level of patience for them to work through the problem on their own. I also learned that for the child to be most engaged you have to make it interesting for them to learn, and that children tend to have a short attention span, especially when doing math over a long break. For Ezra we made a deal that if we would complete all the math questions to the best of his ability then we would spend some time playing outside. By interviewing Ezra I found that addition comes pretty easy to him and that math is one of his favorite subjects in school. I learned that at this age children prefer to turn simple subtraction questions into addition questions and round the numbers up to 10’s for easier mental math. If I was going to do this again I would ask…show more content…
The changes I would make to my current interview would be use larger numbers in my questions to see if it his strategies still work and to make him more away from finger counting. I would also choose a less distracting location. In the middle of the kitchen made it difficult because there was a lot of things happening around and his siblings wanted to be part of the interviewed as well. I would have preferred and office room where you could close the door from outside distractions. Finally, by understanding how Ezra was able to think I would be able to take this information and be able to teach him better and, this concept would apply to my class room later in life. I also found that the more exciting and relevant it is to their life the more engaged the student tends to be. Overall all children have different ways of solving problems but the best way to deal with this is understand their thinking and use it to the best of your
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