Personal Narrative: My Experience With Breakup

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Breakups are hard, to say the least. It’s a similar idea to being addicted to some sort of drug and going through withdraw. Well, that would be in the most extreme of cases, anyways. Many people deal with breakups in different ways. What is generally expected would be a lot of crying and maybe some anger mixed in. Some people are calm about it, to the point of it showing no effect to them. Usually, I would see myself being the calm person, yet I find myself in my ex’s closet, looking out on an empty room in an attempt to see whatever he could be doing. The closet was musty, small, and had a door with little slots to look out of. I had a key to his apartment and I had left some items in his apartment, which he would not return, so I came to…show more content…
I felt hunger begin to move itself through my body. “I should’ve eaten first.” I told myself. However, I did not and that was my own mistake.It couldn’t be that much longer before they left. “Hey, follow me.” I heard from the other room. Two sets of feet made tapping noises as they walked towards the room that I happened to be looking out into. One of them had to be wearing heels, while the other would probably be wearing some sort of dress shoe. “Actually, it might be boots.” I thought. As they came into view, I could see my ex wearing some sort of suit, but with cowboy boots, a ridiculous fashion choice. Then, behind him, came a small girl in blue jeans and a tee shirt. “So, do you want to watch a show or something?” He inquired. “Nah, you know, Josh, I’m not all that into just staying here.” She gave the impression that she wanted to go. “Oh come on, you’ll be living here. Also, what do you do for a living?” He changed the topic. He had always been into girls who made money. He wasn’t much for personality, I guess. “I’m a surgeon.” She rolled her eyes. She was practically begging to go. “May I inquire how much the said surgeon is paid?” “Josh-” She paused, “this isn’t
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