Personal Narrative: My Experience With Lafayette Police Department

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I was lucky enough to be able to work with Lafayette Police Department for the last couple months. The experience has been awesome. I really believe that it has been the best experience I’ve had while at college. Going into my senior year I was not sure it was going to even be able to find any kind of internship before I left school. Once I was told about the internship program I was all for it. Lafayette was my first choice of departments that I wanted to go to for the field work. The other sites did not seem like they would fit what I was looking for in a department since I have wanted to join IMPD the whole time I’ve thought about law enforcement.
Being able to go out on calls and experience calls first hand has been an awesome experience
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I mentioned that no classroom can teach you exactly what you are going to see in the field on a day to day basis and that’s okay. The field practicum is what really connected the two. It is a shame that not every student is mandated to do a field practicum because have the classroom knowledge is great but the actual hands on learning is what really ties the two together. The broken window effect was one of the first things that I noticed when I was in my first week of field work. One of the officers and I went to the north side of Lafayette and you could just see the lower economic background of the area and how buildings were abandoned and windows were busted out. As it turns out, that’s where a lot of the crimes occurred. Yes, I learned in the classroom that areas where there is more destruction promotes more destruction but I never really put it into perspective until I saw it…show more content…
It is the perfect location for anyone who is looking to get more of a big city feel. West Lafayette is more of a college town and Purdue is all college students. Lafayette offers both the college feel because you get some of the students but you are also able to deal with bigger city problems like hardcore drugs. The Sheriff’s Department would not have been bad since I was able to work with them some but they don’t handle the same stuff with frequency like Lafayette does. The call volume was not too much or too little at Lafayette. There was just enough to keep the officers and I busy, which was the best part because a slow night was still a lot faster than other department’s slow nights. All of the staff was extremely nice and courteous like I mentioned earlier. Sgt. Yestresbky is a standup guy. He would do anything I asked of him and was always trying to get me into as much stuff as he possible could. I couldn’t have asked for a better supervisor either. Lafayette was a great place to be and I hope they will remain working with Purdue and the field practicum because I think they have a lot to offer to anyone who wants to pursue a career in law
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