Personal Narrative: My Experience With Pre-Algebra

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1. When I was in seventh grade, I had a tough time with Pre-Algebra. My teacher would simply show how to do Mathematical problems one way and assumed we all understood. I was timid to ask questions because he would tell us to look at the examples in the book. I would go home lost on what the teacher was teaching in class. Therefore, I struggle with homework, quizzes, and test. I would try to teach myself from the example in the book. Gratefully, my Aunt, who at the time was a Math and Science teacher in Alaska come home for two weeks. She sat down with me and helped me understand the Pre-Algebra concepts I needed to know at the time. She taught me significant concept such as practice, solve and check my answers. Sitting with her one-on-one helped me out tremendously with understanding the concepts I needed to know…show more content…
I realized through this specific experience that we should not assume everyone understands concepts taught one way. With the support of my family helping me, I was blessed and received a decent grade in this particular class. However, the experience with the teacher was not the best because he did not take the time to explain the mathematical concepts in a way for me to successfully understand how to do the problems. Therefore, I knew I had to seek other opportunities to get help with math. With my Aunt teaching me that practicing and solving and checking my answers, I became aware of my mathematical abilities and acquired more confidence within this subject. • This particular experience shapes my current understanding of how children learn mathematics. Through this experience, I realized not all children learn the same. Also, a subject that may come easily to one person may be difficult for another, as algebra was for me. Also, not all children feel confident to ask questions. Therefore, as a teacher, I need to be aware of all my students and understand the way each individual learn
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