Personal Narrative: My Experience With Reading

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"I am thrown off my reading game when i am forced to go fast."-Thomas Newkirk For me, reading has always been a obstacle because its hard for me to stay invested in a book.Throughout my years of reading it has become one of my not so favorite things to do unless if i'm interested in it.

My first time learning about letters was when i was in kindergarten because we use to have to learn the A,B,C's and so some spelling.In my younger years i didn't like it and didn't want to learn it.Some books i remember having to read were Dr.Seuss,the bearenstein bears,and Huckleberry Finn.Although i wasn't much of a reader i enjoyed Dr.Seuss and my sister would read it to me.

I never liked reading in school early on.The books w were asked to read never interested me and i thought they were boring.One thing in school my teachers would do is make us read aloud or tell what the story was about and i hated doing both because i was always nervous to do so.Sometimes i would cram as much stuff as i knew about the book or story and try to talk fast to get it over with.
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This was really the start o me enjoying books and wanting to read more. My mom and sister were always readers in my family and would sometimes show me books they were reading to see if they would interest me. I never took alot of interest back then but some books my mom and sister showed me that did interest me were the shining by Stephen King and kiss the girls by James
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