Personal Narrative : My Family Abroad

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My Family Abroad The familiar sound of a trumpet filled the air, causing everyone to stop what they were doing. For the next one minute and nine seconds “Retreat” and “To the Flag” plays over the loud speaker on our small post in Daegu, South Korea. Every soldier, seemingly entranced by the song, held a salute. This happened every day at five o’clock on the dot to signal the end of the work day. As the sound of the trumpet trailed off I dropped my salute and stood in formation alongside my friends waiting to be dismissed. Today was Friday, the beginning of the weekend. Once we were finally released by our First sergeant I caught up with my friends; Brett, Chambers, and Treece, as they began to walk to their barracks. “Hey Uncle Brett,…show more content…
During this time I made it a point to talk to my family on Skype or messenger, trying to devote at least 20 minutes to them. It was hard being gone again, leaving my family behind. This was the second time I was stationed overseas, and compared to my first overseas tour, this place was paradise. I spent my weekends trying to forget how much I missed my family by keeping myself busy with my friends. I emerged from my room a new man, trading the camouflage uniform I had worn earlier in the day for a pair of American eagle jeans and a button up plaid shirt. “Looking good, feeling good,” I said to myself as I looked at my reflection in the mirror before I left. As I opened my door to step outside I was greeted by the green and grey beauty of the mountains that surrounded the camp. I walked swiftly downhill, letting gravity do the work, to Brett’s room. I stood in front of a solid wood door and could hear conversation and laughter on the other side. I knocked anxiously, ready to get the evening started. As the door swung open I was greeted by Brett’s goofy smile and an ice cold beer. As I peeked further inside the room, I could see Treece and Chambers talking in one of the bedrooms, lining the window sill with empty beer cans. Brett regained my attention when he asked “You ready to get going?” In the most sarcastic way I knew how I exclaimed “Well, I guess I don’t even get to have one
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