Personal Narrative: My Family During World War I

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I live in Great Britain with my family. We are a small family. I have my amazing and caring mother, Cedder Rose Rowland, and my little sister, Sequoia. My mother is going through a difficult struggle at the moment. It has not been long since the death of my father and we all are not coping well. It is April 9, 1919 and class was hard for me today. We had to discuss the war, but it is so hard for me to talk about it since my father passed. We discussed the battle of Arras. The battle my father died in. It was October of 1914 and the French army attempted an attack on the Western Front where the German forces laid. The French moved through Arras and Lens, but had to withdraw after the German counter attack. The French army kept Arras, but the Germans kept control of Lens. After this we discussed many other battles in class, but none as memorable to me as the battle of Arras.
When I got home I told my mother about what we discussed in class and how I learned more of the battle of Arras. She shared with me that she kept a diary of my father when he enlisted in the British army. She brought out this little brown book and sat it on the table in front of me. I opened the book and began to read:
Summer 1915
Dear Diary,
Today my husband sent me a
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None of the usual sounds of nature. The one sound that could be heard though was that of the train whistle off in the distance. I stared as my husband left me to go fight in the war, I had no idea what to do. I felt so hopeless. I wanted to keep him with me, I didn’t want to lose him. Though in a way I was also happy for him and proud of him. He called out to me, I couldn’t call back. I was struggling already to hold back my tears. Tears of sadness and dread of the unknown. I had no idea what would become of my husband. I could only hope he would come back to me. His voice slowly faded away until there was nothing. Nothing but the mist, snow, and dead silence. I then trudged back to my empty
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