Personal Narrative : My Family History

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I have always been mature for my age, growing up an only child kind of does that to you. I had to watch over my little cousins quite often and at that time in my life, I dreaded babysitting. The crying, the screaming, the tantrums; they annoyed me to no end. Olivia, being the youngest, would say, “your not the boss of me!” Umm, actually I am while your parents are away, so please just listen to what I ask of you. After two long years of babysitting, I had decided I really did not like kids, that I would never have any of my own. But when I turned fifteen, I regretted ever saying that, seeing as my family history was about to catch up to me. I always knew there was something “off” when it came to genetics in my family. I watched my mom go…show more content…
Well, I knew all to well what my body was going through. It scared me to the core. I watched my mom go through this, now it is happening to me. I do not want surgery; I am way to young for this! The thoughts I kept having were the worst. I decided to Google some of my symptoms; which was the wrong thing to do. I have cancer? I am dying? Google, although very handy at times, was my worst enemy that night. I finally decided to talk to my mom; she had been through this, she would know what to do. She told me that she had already noticed what was going on and had scheduled an appointment at a gynecologist for me. Oh no, I am not going there. Mom, you know what they do to women there, right? Within the next couple of weeks I was sitting on a cold, hard doctors bed, wearing a paper vest, looking down at the foot stirrups, shaking to my core, just waiting for the doctor to tell me the inevitable. I know he is going to tell me I am sick that I am going through everything my mom went through. Or worst. Once he walked in, he tried to make jokes. Sorry doc, but your jokes are not helping so just please stop trying to be funny. I know what your about to do to me, those jokes are just going to make it even more awkward. And they did. During the exam, my doctor scarred me for life; he talked to me about dating his stepson, all because he knew I was a virgin. What the…. Are you kidding me you weirdo! When he finished, he said, “everything looks good, but lets set up an
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