Personal Narrative : My Family, Life, And The Real World

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5 years since I moved....Family. Life. Memories. It was a night filled with memories, experiences, and most of all, the word: family. A night where a new life will begin and most of all a night where I was depressed ; a year ‘till I will see my grandparents. I looked into their eyes for the final time, and boarded into the airplane. Everyone was crestfallen about this move; tears coming down their cheeks. I was young, thrilled for a new experience, yet to realize true meaning of family, life, and the real world. “ Why did we have to move to America?” I would ask. “ So you can have a good life and study here,” replied my mother. Questions like this were always asked. When I moved here, I would always think that this is larger than space. I would view this as an enormous, powerful country. I would also admire the nature such as the seasons, the lovely trees, and the wildlife it consists of. But, I would never feel emotionally close. From being juvenile hyperactive kid,, I have evolved into a more mature person. I always thought my grandparents were like my citadel. Second by second, they would always teach me righteously. They have tremendously inspired me into a successful person. They have assisted me countless times. They are not just people who are nice or ‘do everything for me’, but they have always been religious, spiritual, and give wisdom. They tell me many great legends about god and who he really is. Even though they have health problems such as diabetes and
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