Personal Narrative: My Father Michael Ashe

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If we look closely at the cultures of other individuals, we would realize that we are a lot alike in many ways. Canadians and Americans are very similar in regards to culture. In this essay, it will explain how my husband Michael Ashe feels that there are very minor differences between Americans and Canadian cultures. This essay will show that he values his family and friends, he has had high points and low points in his life, he has religious beliefs, Education and career, as well as his interests just as many Canadians do.
Family & Friends Firstly, Michael moved to Canada in March of 2014 from Indiana, United states to live with me here in Canada and he had adapted relatively quickly to living here because Canadian culture …show more content…

When Michael was in high school he worked part time and during the summer break at the Radisson hotel as a banquet server. When Michael was growing up he was a little uncertain as to what he wanted to do as a career. When he saw the movie Twister, he was set on becoming a meteorologist because weather really intrigued him. When he found out that he could not get into the meteorology program in college because his GPA was too low, he was devastated and unsure as to what he wanted to do. When Michael completed high school, he decided to venture into recording arts. He went to a school named Full Sail University in Florida to obtain his recording arts diploma. The program lasted from June 2006 to June 2007, and then he moved back to Indiana and started working at the same Radisson hotel he worked at previously but for a company called Markey’s Rental and Staging as an audio & visual technician. He really enjoys what he chose as a career because he has always loved music and feels like he has always had interest in anything having to do with music as well as production. Being a musician himself, he felt as though this is a career that he will never get bored with because there is a world of possibilities out there and different types of work he can do with his qualifications. Coming to Montreal was the best decision career-wise for Michael because it is a major metropolis with many possible career paths whether it is working on events, video games, or even movies. Michael, similar to any Canadian, hopes for success in his life as well as his

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