Personal Narrative: My Father's Addiction

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When I was younger my father was an alcoholic. He would work and spend most of his money on alcohol. He was a single father which made life at home extremely difficult for us kids. On days where he was close to running out of beer I would wait till he fell asleep, go into his room and take all of his money. Taking all of his money was the right thing to do because it stopped him from buying more alcohol. My father had a problem and my 10-year-old self thought the only way to stop him from drinking was to remove his ability to purchase it. In the end, it worked out and he overcame his addiction. a. I had the choice of having my father drink nonstop or take away his ability to. b. I chose to steal his money to take away that ability. c. What my father put my sister and I through was heartbreaking and sad for all of us. d.…show more content…
I was able to stop all of our suffering by simply taking his means of buying it away. e. Many months after, he quit cold turkey. Helping take away the source of my father’s addiction was a clear no-brainer. If you had the ability to end one’s suffering by simple means you should take the step in the right direction and help that person. I could have easily not taken it and times when I didn’t he bought a lot more alcohol and went to the bars. Many months later he quit, cold turkey, and we moved on as a
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