Personal Narrative: My Father's Surgery

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My Father’s Surgery
I could hear the heartbeat monitors and crying down the hallway and I could feel the nervousness throughout my body. My Father Ambrocio, was undergoing surgery on his back due to an injury on the job. The thought that anything could happen in the operation room was too much. We were in Long Beach California for three days of pure fear for my Father's life but inside, I knew, that this fear will not last forever.
It was 2013 and I was 13, when my Mother Amelia came into my room on a Tuesday night to ask whether I wanted to go with her to my Father’s operation. She explained to me that her and my Father were going to leave Wednesday after she got out of work. She asked me “Do you want to go?”. I thought to myself “If
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The drive to the medical center was really odd. There was no talking and every time my mom tried to start a conversation my Father would try to avoid it. “Look it’s Angel Stadium” my Mother said out loud to my Father. He said nothing and attempted to fall asleep. The rest of the drive there I thought how serious this trip really is. At first I did not take it too seriously but with every minute that would pass I felt more and more scared. It felt like I was in a room and the walls were caving in slowly. My mind was thinking of the things that could happen and I thought television shows and real life scenarios where things go wrong in operation rooms. I thought to myself “Stop thinking about that!” and continually repeated it in my head but the thoughts were stuck in my head like a piece of gum. We arrived to the Holiday Inn hotel right off of interstate 405 and only about 3 miles from the hospital. I was somewhat amased at the fact that the hotel looked somewhat like a wide tower. I was excited because this was my first time being in a hotel. We entered our room and the first thing I noticed was the view. We were on the eleventh floor and right above us was a restaurant on the last floor. By this time it was ten o’clock and we had to wake up at five am so we quickly fell asleep. I felt a few taps on my shoulder and I heard my Mother's voice “Wake up, wake up” she said. I could tell that my Father did not get much sleep. His eyes were…show more content…
We all stood up from our chairs and we took an elevator to the second floor. The bottom floor seemed like a office, but the second floor felt like a real hospital. It smelled sanitized just like a regular hospital. I could tell it was old, there was a stripe of a washed out green that went along the walls. The lady showed us to another small waiting area. The room was small and had four couches and a small table in the middle with magazines on it. My Mother and I went to sit down and my Father began to do the same thing but the lady then said “No come with me, we need to prepare you”. At this moment I felt my fear began to settle in. I rested my head on my Mom’s shoulder. My Mother woke me up, “Wake up, we’re going to see your Father”, As I got up from the couch I asked her “ Is he done?”, “No he goes in like in ten minutes and they’re letting us see him right before”. The lady who showed us to the waiting room was there and showed us to the room where he was. The room was long but not ride and there were many other patients there and I figured out they were all there for surgery too. We walked toward him and he was there in a patient gown. We stood next to him my mother began to speak to him, I looked around the room at the other patients, When my Mother finished talking to him, I told him “It’s going to be OK.”, “I know” he replied. We
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