Personal Narrative : My Favorite Band

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It was a bright and sunny day during the Spring in Arizona on a Saturday morning, with the wind blowing lightly and the weather was perfect. The date was April 12, and my friends and I had decided to go to a concert that day. Unfortunately, something unexpected and almost absolutely tragic happened once we got there, something that truly changed my life forever and the way that I see things. Just a few hours after waking up that morning, I learned that life is something that can be easily taken from anyone, and should never be taken for granted. To this day, I still think back on what happened and it causes me to see everything differently and appreciate life a lot more. My favorite band was in town, so of course, my friends and I decided to go to the concert. There was eight of us, so we traveled in separate cars. I went with my friend Richard in his blue truck that he had put a lot of time and effort into fixing and making it look how he wanted it. At around 9:30 am, he got to my house to pick me up. I got in the car and we left to go meet up with our other friend Collin at his house. We decided that Collin was going to lead the way and we would just follow him to the venue. There were 3 other people in Collin’s car; his younger brother, his girlfriend, and his girlfriend’s younger brother. We were going to meet up with two other people at the concert. We left his house at around 10:30 am, since doors were supposed to open at noon and it was about 40 miles away. We all…
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