Personal Narrative: My First Chapter At Drexel

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As my first chapter at Drexel is quickly ending, I am happy to say, I have had one heck of a year. I have befriended a various range of people, traveled the world, improved my communication skill, and gained confidence in myself (still in the progress).
Before entering my freshman year at Drexel, I attended a summer program at Drexel called Dragon Scholars. I was able to connect with four people, so I did not have the awkward first-day-experience where I pretended to be the friendliest person in the world to become friends with people on my floor. At the time, I thought coming into Drexel with close friends was a benefit, but I soon realized not having the awkward first-day-experience was a disadvantage. I became reliant on my four friends for social activities, so I did not see the need to build a
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Before going to Germany, I believed most Germans were mean human being, mainly because of World War I. I was ignorant, stuck in Germany’s past, and now embarrassed that I could be so prejudiced and hypocritical. When I went Germany, I was awed of how respectful the German citizens were to me; Berliners are much kinder than Philadelphians. Also, the way Germany commemorated their fallen (victims of the Nazis) during WW1 is unbelievable. In the city, I was always reminded of the Holocaust by the breathtaking statues created by street artists.
Once upon a time, I believed the United States of America was the A1 (the best) country to live in, but I returned from Germany with a realistic mindset. If Berlin, one city in the whole country of Germany, could have some form of Holocaust memorial on every block of the city for a less than 20-year tragedy, why are there no memorials on every inch of the cities in the United States for a 300 plus year tragedy (enslavement of Africans and Native Americans)? Also, my trip to Germany has led me to consider moving to another country. Maybe Australia or the
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