Personal Narrative : My First Combat Deployment

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My first combat deployment was one that shaped my mind, decisions I would make as a Noncommissioned Officer and the vast experiences I would gain. Along with my unit I deployed to Iraq for a year, conducted missions by helping the people of Iraq to establish a functioning government, and uproot insurgents. My unit had trained just as hard as all other units in the U.S. Army and we relished the fact that we would have the opportunity to deploy. For the majority of this deployment, we had high points as well as indubitably low points that we wished would have never of happened. Introduction In the summer of 2004, I was a Specialist, and had made up my mind that I was going to ETS from the U.S Army. My family also knew of my decision to leave the U.S. Army to begin a new chapter in our lives as civilians. The entire battalion was standing in formation being briefed by the Battalion Commander that the unit would be deploying to Iraq in early 2005, as soon as the news came from the Battalion Commander most of the Soldiers were elated. After seeing various other units coming and going to and from theater, our unit from Fort Irwin, California, would finally have that opportunity to deploy and prove to the rest of the U.S. Army that we are not just an Opposing Forces (OPFOR) unit. This would be our chance to accomplish real world missions like any other unit. Once in country, the battalion was ordered to Camp Cook, Taji, Iraq. From there the battalion was reassigned to Camp
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