Personal Narrative : My First Combat Deployment

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My first combat deployment was one that gave me a vast majority of experiences and shaped my mind and the decisions I would make as a Noncommissioned Officer. Along with my unit I deployed to Iraq for a year, conducted missions by helping the people of Iraq to establish a functioning government, and uproot insurgents. My unit had trained just as hard as all other units in the U.S. Army and we relished the fact that we would have the opportunity to deploy. For the better part this deployment did have its high points as well as indubitable low points that we wished would have never happened. Introduction In the summer of 2004, I was a specialist and had made up my mind that I was going to ETS from the U.S Army. My family also…show more content…
I turned and faced him, smiled, and told him there is nothing for him to be afraid of, this is a deployment, it is what we do in the U.S. Army and above all we are infantrymen, that’s the primary reason we chose this profession. Hearing the news of our impending deployment, in that moment I changed my mind and decided to stay in the U.S. Army and deploy with the unit. Little did I know that the decision was made for me by being placed on the stop-loss list. Upon the release of the battalion, I proceeded home to inform my family of what I considered to be great news. Unlike the Specialist, my wife was a bit apprehensive, not scared as he was, she supported my decision and stood by me which was a feeling of joy and boosted to my moral. The battalion immediately began the transition from an OPFOR to a unit getting ready to deploy. The unit also did a regular rotation in our own backyard, stayed out in the desert and ran through scenarios just as all other visiting units would have done, however, the difference with other units and our unit is that we knew the desert quite well, the company was well trained, and our unit cohesion was especially high. Once the unit completed the rotation, we took leave to spend as much time as possible with our loved ones. The specialist, who was frightened, managed to avoid the deployment and placed on rear detachment to assist with whatever issue that may arise with our families while on
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