Personal Narrative: My First Day At Wildcat High School

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Back to School. Every day is a continuous routine. I wake up with my face planted on the bed. I contemplate about my life. What am I even doing with my life? I enjoy playing basketball,l but can’t seem to make the team. I practice every day for a few hours. Then, I sleep and restart.
Today is the first day at Wildcat High School. I make sure that I look my best: ripped jeans, white shirt, and black jeans. Regardless of all the confidence, I built into my outfit, I cannot help but have a flushed face. Walking to my first class, I feel less welcomed than ever. I sit in the front of the class, wondering who would sit next to me? All the seats are taken except for the ones next to me, but I already know that no one will come. I do not fit
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I give my best effort and ask questions as I play. I am shy to turnover the ball or get the team mad, but the players reminded me “Just Do It”. The advance moves are complicated. How do you hit a fadeaway? How do you do a finger roll? May you teach me?
It’s tryout time. The coaches are yelling like crazy. I show off my skills, dribbling fancy, making flashy passes like Curry, impressing the coaches. I score the most points on my team. I made the basketball team! The first game begins in a week, and everybody on the team congratulates
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The first few games I play off the bench because I am a new. The coach promotes me to starter because he thinks I have potential to dominate. “Whether I start or come off the bench, I go hard.” We are undefeated 12-0 and locked in for the playoffs. I average 25 points a game, with 10 assists, 5 steals, and 2 blocks. My accuracy on my shot is perfect, I master by corner threes. I feel much like Ray Allen. I unlocked my hidden talent and found the love of the game, basketball. “Practice makes
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