Personal Narrative: My First Day In High School

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On the second day of my senior year of high school, my AP Psychology teacher, Mrs. Markey, thought it would be a fantastic idea to go around the room asking everyone the same three questions: "what do you do in your free time?", "do you have a job?", "what do you want to be when you grow up?" I expected her to come to each of our desks individually. Instead, she sat on a stool in the front of the room and made everyone answer her questions aloud. I like attention, but I don't like being the center of it. As my turn was approaching, I was torn between staying in class or going to the bathroom to avoid answering her questions. I stayed. "Melissa Gomez… what do you do in your free time?" "I'm a cup stacker." "WHAT?!?" "I stack cups." The class was going insane. Mrs. Markey was going insane. I was going insane (because I’m very shy). I was bombarded with questions: "Do you always win?" "Don't you need special cups?" "How long have you been doing this?" (and many, many more) I told the guy sitting next to me that I am the national female champion and he proceeded to shout, "SHE'S THE NATIONAL FEMALE CHAMPION!!!" while pointing at me. Thank you, Kyle. Mrs. Markey asked, "How many cups do you need?" "12," I said. A split second after she processed what I had said, she threw her sandals to the side and…show more content…
Markey came back. I don’t know where she went, but she had 24 cups (two sets of twelve) in her hands. She asked me which of the two sets I liked better. I, knowing that neither of those sets are suitable for cup stacking, chose the smaller cups. At this point, everyone in the class got up out of their seats and surrounded my desk. I stacked what is called a "cycle". My fastest time for the cycle (with official cups) is 5.942 seconds. In class, it probably took me about 20 seconds. Yet, my classmates were still amazed. They all posted videos of me to their snapchat stories, which is ironic because I’m not even friends with any of them on
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