Personal Narrative: My First Day Of Soccer

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What seemed like a normal day, Saturday, December 8, 2012, turned out to be anything but normal. I had a full day of soccer planned, and for me, that wasn’t anything new. I was competing for a spot on the North Carolina ODP (Olympic Development Program) soccer team.
Upon arriving at the fields I noticed many familiar faces among the crowd. I spotted several of my club soccer teammates; they had an earlier time slot for training and when their training drew to a close I noticed they were crying. We were more like sisters than teammates, and I wanted to help comfort them. Walking over to them, I expected to hear that they had not made the ODP team but was shocked when they told me “Larissa (our teammate) was in an accident, and she may not survive”. At that moment I had never felt so hopeless, not being able to help the person I called my best friend, my teammate, and my sister.
After receiving the terrible news, I took the field and fought for not only …show more content…

It was the Thursday prior to that dreadful Saturday, we were at our soccer practice. It was decided that we would play the whole practice so Larissa and I were named captains of our respective teams and then selected our teams. It was a solid game with equally matched teams and although my team ended up on top, it could have gone either way. After training, we walked to our parent's cars laughing and joking and I spoke the last words I would ever say to her, “bye, love you”. As I reflected on this, it made me feel better to know that I had told Larissa that I loved her as a friend and respected her as a soccer player.
Just a few days later, the funeral was held in Larissa’s small hometown at a country church. In attendance were people from every aspect of her life: school friends, soccer players and coaches, and relatives from near and far were there to express their love for Larissa and pay their

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