Personal Narrative: My First Day at School Essay

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My first day at school

My first day at school was a new adventure for me. I had to wear a school uniform: a blue dress and handmade leather sandals. Having run around all but naked for the first eight years of my life, it was very exciting.
At school we learnt about Australian culture and its social classes as well as social classes worldwide. Throughout my studies I learnt that Australia wasn't a classless society. The class to which a person belonged determined how they were treated and we learnt through two particular films:' Educating Rita' (Willy Russell, 1983) and 'My Fair Lady' (Bernard Shaw, 1964) that it is indeed possible to break the mould and change where you end up in life.
Rita is a twenty-six year old hairdresser from
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Frank has a good job, owns a grand house and hosts impressive, sophisticated parties. He speaks in a very intellectual manner: ?I am afraid, Rita, that you will find that there is much less to me than meets the eye.? To which Rita replies: ?See, y' can say dead clever things like that, can't y? I wish I could talk like that. It's brilliant.?
Through Frank and Trish the film is putting forward an assumption about the upper class which is that they lead very pretentious lives, a façade that masks a saddening and deep emptiness. This is further accentuated when Trish attempts suicide and says ?When I listen to poetry and music, then I can live?.the rest of the time it?s just me, and that?s not enough.?
Also, the film is putting across an assumption about the lower class which is that it takes little to make them happy. This is further emphasized when Rita exclaims,? You think because you pass a pub door and you hear us all singing we?re okay, that we?re surviving with the spirit intact?
Another very noticeable assumption that the film is putting across is the differentiation of morals and values of the lower and upper classes.
The upper class is illustrated as having very questionable morals and ethics, and this is best understood through Frank, Frank?s partner Julia and her lover. Even though Julia is in a relationship with Frank, she blatantly cheats on him with one of his collogues. Also, Rita further explores this concept when she says, ?oh yeah,
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