Personal Narrative: My First Deer

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DJ Gipson
DJ Gipson
MR. Shotwell
My First Deer
“There a deer,D.J.!” said my dad. So I ran to my dad.Then, I ran to my dad and said “what do you want.” I found a 8 point deer. Then I pulled my rifle.So I aim for the lungs and shoot.

This morning my dad and went to huddle house to get something to eat.When my dad and I left Huddle House we went to get the equipment for the deer. First we when to the campsite to set up for the deer. When we got to the campsite we got the equipment off the truck. After that we waited for the deer. 2 hours later the deer I saw was a 8 point big buck.Then I pulled the rifle and then was a bullet hole in its throat. When I shot the guns there was a big POW! So we loaded it in the truck . Then we went by to

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