Personal Narrative: My First Ensure To Orthopaedic Surgery

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My first exposure to Orthopaedic Surgery started somewhat serendipitously when I was assigned to the Sports Medicine service as an elective at the end of my third year clinical rotations. I vividly remember the patient encounter that initially peaked my interest in the field. We were about halfway through a busy clinic day when the attending asked me to start interviewing the next patient. She was a retired woman in her early 70s who had undergone a reverse total shoulder arthroplasty approximately six-months prior after sustaining a comminuted proximal humerus fracture and massive rotator cuff tear. Prior to her injury, she had enjoyed painting vibrant landscapes in her free time, and her sole request was that she be able to return to this beloved hobby. As I discussed with her how her recovery was going, it was clear that she was incredibly pleased. She proudly exclaimed, “Look what I started last week!” as she showed me a picture of a half-finished canvas on her cell phone. Her pure joy and excitement was electric, and I was struck by the way the procedure was able to influence her quality of life. This ability to provide a tangible and perceptible impact on a patient’s life was extremely compelling and by the end of the two-week elective, I…show more content…
In turn, a residency program that selects me will invest in an enthusiastic, motivated, and intellectually curious individual who will work diligently to serve patients and the orthopaedic community. A career in orthopaedic surgery will challenge and inspire me everyday, raising my abilities to their fullest potential as I work toward the goal of restoring, sustaining, and enhancing the wellness of my
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