Personal Narrative: My First High School

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I’ve fallen many times in my life: riding my bike, going up and down stairs, and down my driveway. I was once found lying face down on the road because I had tripped over a construction cone when my neighborhood was being built. Falling is not fun. I believe that self-determination helps people when they fall, to get back up. This could relate to school, jobs, life, anything really. If someone gets fired from their job they could just pout about it like a baby, or get up and find a new one. One year ago, in the middle of March, I had my first high school track meet against Redland. Being a freshmen meant I had to show that I was capable of winning a race. Being a hurdler is hard enough for me because of my short, stubby legs. I don’t remember the race vividly, besides coming in third; however, I clearly remember what happened after I crossed the finish line. I clearly remember sitting on the track looking at my softball sized ankle, feeling excruciating pain. After getting iced and wrapped, the trainer gave me crutches and told me I had severely sprained my ankle and that my track season was over before it began. When I was little I always thought that crutches looked fun until I realized I could not go anywhere without them. Being the person I was, I crutched to the middle…show more content…
Every hurdler has the fear of falling during a race, however, I fell after I crossed the finish line. I knew as soon as I was laying on the ground my freshman year of track season was over. With all my hard work I ended up starting back up within two weeks of severely spraining my ankle with all my rehabilitation therapy and strength training as well as goingt to practice everyday, even when I shouldn’t or was suppose to go. Most of all I had the motivation to not give up on myself when the accident happened. I believe that self-determination helps people when they fall, to get back up,
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