Personal Narrative: My First Mortbike

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One day over the summer My dad bought me a new dirt bike. I had always wanted a dirt bike since I even knew what they were. Well I already had a dirtbike but i was getting too big for it and I needed a new one. I got my first dirt bike when I was 9yrs old, I got it for my 9th birthday. I had waited 3yrs to get a new dirt bike and I finally did, I got a kx65 2 stroke. I was so happy to finally have a kx65 since that was the kind i have been wanting. One day i was sitting on the couch and my dad ask me if i wanted to go dirt bike riding. I said yes and we went outside and got our dirtbikes out and went in the trails. We went really far on our dirtbikes. But we had to turn around and come back for gas. When we went to go get gas we seen our cousin and her boyfriend on my grandma's four wheeler and they asked if they could come ride with us and we said yes. So we all went riding together and we stayed out until it was late at night. I was so happy that…show more content…
I dont remember any of this but my cousin was whatching me (baby sitting) and i hit the blades of metal fan with my head and cut my head open. My mom rushed me to the hospital and i had to get staples in my head. I now have a bald spoy in my head where i had to get staples. The doctors said i was very lucky that i got to the hospital when i did. One day when i was only 9yrs old i came home from my pappys and when i got home i found that my parents were having a surprise birthday party for me. I was so happy that i was having a birthday party. As i was opening my presents i heard a dirtbike. All of the sudden my dad came ouound the house with a new dirtbike for me and i was so happy becuase it was my first dirtbike ever. It was a little 50cc dirtbike. I kept it for only 3 yrs and then i upgraded to a kx65 and gave my 50cc to my little sister and i got anew one. I am so happy that i have a dirtbike to ride and my dad and mom and brother and sister do
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