Personal Narrative : My First Motorcycle

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I was eight years old when I dreamt of the time I would race in the Full Throttle motorsport competition. When I was nine years old, my dad bought me a mini blue Suzuki 50cc dirt bike. I rode on it everyday day after school for at least two hours in the woods right behind my house. It was the most exciting and exhilarating feeling I ever felt. Riding as fast as I could with the wind blowing against my face and dodging every tree branch that was hanging below my head. I grew more and more in love with riding and could not wait until the day I could purchase my first real motorcycle.
Nine years has passed and I am now 17 years old. Today was the day I would purchase my first motorcycle that would be a lot faster and durable for future
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After my boyfriend completed a few test runs with the bike we have decided this bike was in perfect condition. We loaded the bike to the back of our car and commenced our way back home. I turned to my boyfriend and said “I am going to practice night and day until I can master all the sharp turns and learn to control my speed when turning.” He replies, “Well! Let’s get started.”
The weekend could not have come any sooner as I eagerly waited for this day to come to take my motorcycle permit exam. All those times I read the motorcycle pamphlet will finally come in handy to bring forth the knowledge I learned and use it during this brief test. I patiently waited by the seating area until my number #5093 was called. My heart was beating rapidly, palms were sweating, and legs would not stop tapping the floor. The anticipation for this test to come was too long for my comfort. All of a sudden I heard: “#5093, please come to window three” from the announcement above. At last, here I am at computer screen number two, starting my exam in a matter of seconds. I answer the first fifteen questions with no hesitation until I came across question number sixteen. As I am going back and forth with two choices, staring blankly at the screen, in the end I chose to go with my first instinct and stuck with that answer. The twenty question test was finally completed as I continued to gaze at the
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