Personal Narrative: My First Paramedic Team

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Roy and Joanne began to notice some changes as the next few days went by, causing both of them to become more excited and optimistic. For some reason, even though neither talked too much about what they discussed about before, Johnny seemed to trust Roy and Joanne. He seemed to trust Roy more than Jo, but considering how close the two had been before, it wasn’t too surprising. It also gave Jo the chance to spend more time with Chris and Jenny. John also finally started to be awake more than he was asleep, although he took frequent naps throughout the day and could fall asleep without warning. One thing that didn’t surprise anyone was how fast Johnny’s appetite came back. It seemed after his first meal, despite being unable to eat much at once,…show more content…
Then again, I’d have the, what did he call it? Roy thought back. Oh, yes. The “privilege” of deciding which current paramedic team will mentor someone before they become an official paramedic. At least now the fire department and hospital are allowing a four month in-the-field training after a month working in the Emergency Department under the teachers and doctors guidance. I know it would have been a lot scarier and it would have been far more difficult if we hadn’t worked with the nurses before the bill had passed. I just wonder what other changes are in store. I guess I should be glad that changes are finally being made that will benefit both the paramedic trainees and the public. I am curious as to who the other Paramedic Captains will be and what exactly my role will be when I…show more content…
Tomorrow, after John is moved to the new room, we will give him time to rest and later on in the afternoon or evening, depending on when you meet with Dr. Druthers, Karl will meet with John for a one on one session. Of course, one or both of you are welcome to stay with Johnny during that time. There are some other goals I’d like Johnny to meet as well. “I want Johnny to become more comfortable with Jenny and Chris, along with someone from your crew. More than likely, I am assuming Mike, since he has been here on and off helping out,” Doctor Early suggested. “You guys are doing great right now, but I want to make sure that if you two are stressed out and need a break, there is someone else John feels comfortable enough with that you can have that person over and get out of the house for a
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