Personal Narrative : My First Plane Ride

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This is my first plane ride since my mom and I moved to the quiet and boring Covington, Louisiana. My mom forced me to go on this school trip to New York City. And I thought the school year couldn 't get any worse. On the 3 hour flight I had to sit next to Pizza Face Pete and Stinky Sally. But hey, at least I’m not sitting next to Mr. Swanson, I heard he went to prison for drug distribution before he became our assistant teacher. The flight attendant said we were starting our descent into JFK, right as I went in the bathroom to get away from Sally’s vile stench. I am dreading the moment that they choose roommates for the hotel because I have nobody in school that would want to hang out with me and especially sleep with. I’ll probably just…show more content…
It is 7:30 when we checked in so I went to our room to get settled before dinner. The room Jake and I got was room 1236 on the 13th floor which is the farthest away from the elevator. I knocked on the door to see if Jake was already in the room, but there was no response. So, I used the pink hotel card they gave me and entered to room. As I walked in I noticed there was 2 queen sized beds, a TV, a desk, a small kitchen with a fridge, and a bathroom. I hadn’t gone to the bathroom since we left so I decided to go and take a shower as well. I started to sing my favorite song by Taylor Swift called “Shake it Off”. I spent a while in the shower but after sitting next to Smelly Sally I think I needed it. As I got out of the shower I noticed I forgot my new clothes so I put on a towel and walked out of the bathroom.The second I walked out I noticed there was someone else in the room. As I walked out even more I noticed it was a boy. About my age, Black messy hair, and VERY white. He didn’t notice I was there so I fake coughed. He turned around and started to freak out. It took me a minute to realize why but then I remembered I was practically naked. I asked him, “Are you Jake?”. He replied with, “Yes I am, but please go get dressed first” with a nervous chuckle. I gave him a wink with a smile and grabbed my suitcase to go back into the bathroom. After I got dressed I went back out and he looked amazed. I’m usually shy around boys but Jake seemed a little

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