Personal Narrative: My First Time Playing Football

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My first time playing football. Major 2: Descriptive Paper Deandre Presswood The first time I played football was awful. It was probably one of the worst experiences of my childhood. When I was seven years old my mom signed me up for Football. When I heard the news I was ecstatic. I haven't' actually played Football, but it looked like it was fun and all my friends played so I knew it had to be fun. I could barely get any sleep that night. I was so happy I just wanted the next day to be here. I didn't get much sleep that night due to the fact that I stayed up most of the night and I woke up early so I could be ready. Sadley, none of my antics made the next day come faster if anything they prolong the wait because all day I was nodding off. When my mom told me it was time to go I barely had the energy to get off the couch and get in the car. Eventually I…show more content…
When they called me, I was not ready. I had no clue what was going on so out of fear of being punished I pretended I knew. The coach yelled at me and told me to lay down. Then he told another kid to lay down. He blew his whistle I jumped and I ran as fast as I could. Sadly the other kid was faster. Mid stride I felt like I was hit by a semi-truck. I couldn't feel my legs and I wanted to cry so bad, I couldn't wrap my head around why someone wanted to play a game where other kids are trying to kill you. I tried to get up, but, I could barely walk. The football coach told me to walk it off. I looked at him like he was crazy. In my head I'm thinking how am I supposed to walk it off if I can't even walk. I thought I was done for the day and I would have been if the coach didn't make us run laps five minutes later. I was livid, football looks way more fun on tv than it really is. I wanted to go home, but my mom wasn't going to pick me up for another two hours. After doing more painful drills it was finally
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