Personal Narrative: My First Week At Georgia Southern

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My first week as a freshman at Georgia Southern was something new. For the first time I walked everywhere I went. My legs are completely dead! The heat is crazy down here and is just draining all my energy. Not to mention on my first day of classes I misread my schedule thinking I didn’t have a class until three when it was at two o’clock. Other than that, my week has been really good. I met some new friends, all of my professors are great and, I know my way around the campus so when fall comes I won’t be lost. My goal for this summer is to try to get all A’s so when fall comes around I won’t destroy my grade point average when I have to take four more classes than I am taking now. For the time of being down here there’s been multiple positive…show more content…
The RAC is one of the nicest gyms I’ve been to! With an indoor and outdoor pool, hot tub, great lifting equipment, etc. On my tour we went to the dining halls for lunch; which amazed me about how good it was. After my tour was over my tour guide asked what really stood out to us about the campus. I replied saying how students were getting unto the dining halls of an eye scanner. I also added that the food was cooked perfectly, the chicken was pure white meat and meet my hunger needs. Something else that influenced my decision to attend Georgia Southern the restaurants outside of the campus. There’s delicious restaurants like Gnats landing, Zaxbys, Cookout, Shrimp places and many more. While on my tour, my family and I stopped at Gnats Landing to eat because of the tempting smell from outside. Being a big fan of football, the school I decide to go do definitely needs a football team. My first thought about going to Southern came from when my friends brother had us up in the “Boro” for a football game. There was so much energy in the stadium and just everyone there was extremely friendly. All the fans are so engaged and committed. Fans would be decked out in blue and white cheering on their team
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