Personal Narrative: My Four Years At Ludington High School

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My four years at Ludington High School have taught me many important lessons. I wish to talk about the three prominent ones that effect my every day life. First thing I had to digest was the power of a team. My view of sports in middle school was a vary individual centralized system. The best thing an athlete could do in my eyes was become the best they could be. Little did I contemplate what a team did. Here, sports team participate in a wide verity of volunteer opportunities and services for the community. We set up and tear down public events, run kids camps, and operate ice cream trucks. With Gus Macker we help stimulate our local economy to untold amounts from tourist traffic. We are able to do this because of the team structure we already have in place.…show more content…
This lesson took four years to learn. I first began to grasp the subject in my first year of cross country. I did not run before season. I did not do anything more than what was assigned in practice. I spent the season running JV. Junior year I ran fifty miles before season and attended a couple morning practices. I made the seventh runner by the end of the season. My senior year I hunkered down. I ran 200 miles before season by participating in a half-marathon, running every day by myself, and got a job at which I ran. In season I only missed one morning practice. By the end of the season I had ran over 450 miles, gone through two pairs of shoes, was the number four guy on the varsity team, and ran my best time ever, 18:06. This skill did not just in my athletic world. I put in over 100 hours of community service with the Ludington Jaycees. This helped me get jobs and connections through out the community. At school I went down the most advance math path the school could provide me. They now have to send me out to the local community college for
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