Personal Narrative : My Friend Olivia

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Me and my friend Olivia, or Oli, are best friends. We met five years ago, and then, we thought that we were so disagreeable. Or at least, that’s what I thought. I always got into fights with Oli, until I realized that Olivia wasn’t exactly what I thought. Eventually she got so bored with me that we actually started to be nice, which then carried on to our friendship. One day, when I was a Sophomore at Broomfield High School, in Colorado, I stood next to the oven, waiting for the cupcakes I had just made. I answered my phone. “Hello? - Yes - No, I’m just, baking cupcakes - k bye.” I hung up and run outside. “Jackson! Come on! We’re going to meet Dad at the lacrosse game in Denver!” I waited for an answer. “Dude! Come on! It’s in five…show more content…
“I wasn’t asking you like that Ellie,” She said, walking down the sidewalk. After I had brought the ball out of the road, I gave it back to Lily and Chase. “Why were you fighting?” Lily asked. All I said was, “Me and Olivia aren’t very good friends.” “But she was being nice,” Chase said as I walked inside. Later, Inside, i continued my research. I had only found one girls team, and I was searching for my dad to tell him about what I found. I called him. “Hello - yeah it’s Ellie - I’ve been thinking about playing lacrosse, and I found a Broomfield team - they’re on Tuesdays and Thursdays - yeah, can I sign up? - Thanks! - Bye!” In the car, after I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods, I pulled into the driveway and stopped the car. I grabbed my new lacrosse gear and walked inside. “Ellie, can you play football with me?” My brother Chase asked. “Maybe later,” I dropped my stuff and walked back into the garage. I got my bike and rode it out of the garage. I was riding down our road, staring at a small tree when I turned for a car and… “Ow! I said, getting up. I had hit a fencepost on the sidewalk, and my bike had fallen in a the river next to the road. I groaned. I had to jump into the cold river and get my bike. When I got a hold on my bike, I saw that Olivia had jumped in the river too, and was helping me get out of the dirty water. “Thanks Olivia,” I said carefully. “Your welcome,” she said. “Hey Ellie, um, can I hang out with you on Tuesday?” I thought for a

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