Personal Narrative: My Future In Medicine At Cedars-Sinai

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When I entered Cedars-Sinai in the early fall, the weather was warm and the sky was bright. I remember walking straight to the location of the first Pre-Healthcare Volunteer Program meeting. When entering the room, I saw the gleaming faces of the new volunteers yet I could not find anyone that looked like me. Surely, there was no other dark brown and dark eyed young women, it was only me. I was the only person of Hispanic background. Immediately, I felt a sense of accomplishment knowing that I had gained acceptance to a competitive program and that I was proudly representing my people in the room. Yet, as the program progressed that sense of accomplishment vanished and melancholy replaced it. Although I was the only Hispanic in my cohort, I believed that I might find other Hispanic professionals in the hospital. On the contrary, I witnessed an extreme lack of diversity in the group of physicians that worked in the hospital and more specifically in the surgical floor.
The Fall rotation lasted nine weeks in total and within those weeks that melancholic feeling never seemed to completely dissipate. Luckily, I was assigned one of the remarkably few Latino general surgeons at Cedars-Sinai. Before meeting my mentor, I consistently had doubts about my future in medicine. There are no physicians in
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Specifically, the first generation Latinos that cannot yet visualize their future career path. Other than my passion for medicine, my other motives to become a physician are to increase the number of Latinas in medicine in order to improve the quality of care that the Spanish speaking community receives and to serve as a role model for other minorities. In my path towards my future career, I aspire to influence others students like me in hopes of igniting the firing passion that exists within
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