Personal Narrative: My Genocide

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The bike sped down the hill at incredible speeds. I needed to get to the meadow as soon as possible. I only had a limited amount of time there and none of it could be wasted. I got to the meadow and hid my bike and helmet in the trees so no one would steal them while I was exploring the meadow. I ran across the knee-high grass and made my way to my favorite spot. It was a small beach a few feet down from the regular part of the meadow and it gently faded into the murky water of the river. I put down my messenger bag and pulled out a plastic bag and a rope. I left my messenger bag in a crack in the rocks that formed a wall behind me. I didn’t want the bag to get in my way while exploring. I took the rope and tied it to the nearest sturdy tree…show more content…
I had hit a very convincing point and I could sense that she was inclined to let me back out if Elise was out of the house. “Alright, go ahead, but make sure to take your sister and don’t be late” she sighed as if I had worn her down but I could sense she was relieved. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We won’t be late!” I hollered as I scampered up the stairs to get Elise. As I reached the top of the stairs, I saw Elise just round the corner. I rush towards the direction she turned and whipped around the corner only to knock right into her. “Why did you just stop once you got around the corner! You knew I was coming!” I shrieked with a sudden burst of rage from the pain. “Why were you following me?!” Elise fired back, obviously in pain from the encounter, too. “Ok, mom said that I can go out for thirty more minutes if I take you with me to the meadow, so you’re coming. You don’t have a choice and I am determined to get to the other side of that river.” I explained in a softer
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