Personal Narrative: My Goal

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We were outside the dark unpleasant locker room, filled with smelly body odor and dirty clothes. Kenny sat in a rusty metal chair brainstorming with his two friends, Briana and Gregory. They had grown up with Kenny; they had been through the good and bad with him. Kenny was 5’11 and Gregory was about the same height. Kenny had brown hair with clear blue eyes. Gregory had brown eyes with black hair. Brianna was 5’6 with long blonde hair and bright green eyes. “I don't get it, they beat us every year in the lacrosse finals!” yelled Kenny. “C’mon Kenny, maybe this year you’ll beat those guys.” Gregory said, hopping Kenny would cheer up. “Kenny, You're a great player and we all know that; You've made the all-star team and have won many awards.”…show more content…
Christopher scored for his team. Goal after goal, shouting and ranting! By the time it was the fourth quarter, the score was 6-7. “Kenny, head back in and play for attack team.” Coach demanded. I ran back in and got settled. Christopher was running towards the goal once again. One of the mitty's got the ball from him and ran back to the goal we were placed at. My team mate passed to me and I scored. “Go Kenny!” Yelled Gregory and Brianna. The goaly of the other team threw the ball in and one of the my team mitty's caught it. He ran to the goal and tried to pass it to someone else. The ball rolled onto the ground and the other team took it. A few of my team members charged in and tried to get the ball back. Two minutes and thirty two seconds were left in the game. One of my teammates got the ball and threw it to me. Christopher came out of nowhere and pushed me to the ground. As I was falling I swung my stick and the ball speed towards the net. There was a short moment of silence. Goal! I scored! The game was 8-7 and we had the lead. Beep! The buzzer went off and the game ended.

We all celebrated with a great big cheer! The two teams lined up for the good game handshake. As I was walking down the line Christopher smiled at me and said “Good job buddy, you finally did it.” I smiled back at him and quickly said “Thanks, Christopher. Gregory and Brianna came up to me afterwards. “You did great, Kenny.” Gregory spoke with joy. “You sure did.” replied Brianna. We all sat down on the bench, looking at the blue sky, on the bright green field. I looked at Gregory and Brianna “Can’t wait until next year!” I exclaimed, and we all
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