Personal Narrative: My Goals In Life

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Please detail any extra-curricular activities, community service or other non-paid activities that you have participated in. (300-500 words)*
I strongly believe in giving back to my community. Therefore, my family and I are very involved in volunteer activities. I currently volunteer once a week at The Lifeline Puppy Rescue. While there, I assist in cleaning the pins, giving baths, shots and medicine, helping with the intake of the puppies, getting the puppies ready for adoption. I have helped with weekend adoption events, but mostly help out behind the scene.
Next, I volunteer three to four times a year with the Salvation Army. I am a teacher and will take students to help in their community garden. These activities have included
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How do you plan to use your education to achieve your goals in life?
From a very young age, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. I was the typical little girl setting up my stuffed animals and pretended that they were my students. As I got older, that passion remained. I entered college and received my teaching license and almost immediately left the field. I was offered a position in the business world and climbed the corporate ladder. I enjoyed what I was doing and felt I was good at my job. I loved working with people and supervising in my field. But, I missed teaching. After my son was born, I decided to stay home with him and work very part time in his pre-school. It gave me the opportunity to spend time with him and work in a field that I absolutely loved. However, once he got a little older, I wanted more. I returned to school and earned a Masters of Education in Special Education and began working at a residential treatment center for troubled
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Explain what qualities you specifically like about them and how you plan to emulate their behaviors for your own career success.
I realize this may sound like a cheesy answer, however, my mom has been the greatest role model in my life. I am positive I could look back and find a teacher or a boss that had an impact on my professional growth and development, but my mom has shaped and molded my work ethic and through her persevering character, these traits have been ingrained into my being.
My mom has survived three husbands and has raised five kids with and without help throughout my childhood. She allowed friends of her children to move into our house and raised my oldest niece when my sister got pregnant at a young age.
No is not a word in my mom’s vocabulary. All of these things make my mom a great role model. However, I believe that the events of the past couple of years have even risen her to a higher level in my opinion. My mom was born with a degenerative disease called retinitis pigmentosa. As I was growing up, my mom’s vision gradually got worse until she was not able to drive at night, then she was not doing so well driving during the day. I cannot image how frustrating it would be for a strong, independent woman to lose that independence. Then, about five years ago, my mom went completely blind. Her independence was completely gone. She did not let that stop her though. She got in touch with a foundation that sent someone
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