Personal Narrative: My Graduating With My Bachelor's Degree

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As I sit and think of the many events that I have gone through in my life, the one that

stands out the most is graduating with my bachelor’s degree. For most students graduating was a

happy occasion as it was for me also and so much more.At the beginning of my degree program

there were no set goals to complete the course of study nor did I have any real interest of being in

school at the time. My grades were not the best as missing numerous assignments and

sometimes not even completing an assignment began to bring my grades down even more. After

taking my first few classes I felt helpless and began to think maybe just maybe I wasn’t cut out

for school, I wasn’t smart or disciplined enough to complete such a task. My final decision was

to drop out.

Once I
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At that point, half-way through

deployment I decided to give school another try. This time, despite bombs, missions, blackouts

and exhaustion I was determined to not only turn in my work but to be the best student I could


Skipping ahead, after coming home approximately 5 months later I found out I was

pregnant. This was yet another obstacle I had to deal with while attempting to graduate. Many

times I thought about dropping out again and finishing later but I was eager to finish. I had my

daughter and needed to cut back on the amount of classes I was taking since it was not conducive

to be a single parent, working full time and going to school full time. There were many sacrifices

that had to be made but school wasn’t one of them.

During my last year of school my house burned down and we lost everything. Again, the

burden of school and life was beginning to back me into a corner. Id spoken with student

services about dropping out but I didn’t. My advisor said to me “Rolanda, you have 4
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