Personal Narrative: My Graduation Portfolio

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My Graduation Portfolio
High school has been a highly interesting experience for me. I have learned a lot about my personal qualities, such as my strengths and weaknesses, and my work habits and attitudes. High school has taught me many things, both academically and emotionally. It has definitely had its highs and lows and many confusing experiences in between. Overall, I feel like I have been equipped for not only college, but also life as a whole. My time at WACTC my education contributed to my personal growth, enhanced my sense of community and advance my knowledge basis to prepare for the work force and life outside of school.
During my time at Woonsocket High School and WACTC I’ve gone through many changes. I started my freshman year timid and unconfident, I was antisocial and didn’t socialize with anyone. I believe I changed a lot from my freshman year to my senior year. Many will say that they’ve matured a lot since freshman year, but I can’t relate because I’ve always be responsible. As a freshman I knew there would be temptations, but I stayed as far away as possible from those. I walked into high school knowing freshman year was definitely no joke. One event that has changed my
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From my core classes, to my electives, and vocational classes. They have taught me things, like critical thinking skills, rational thinking, reasoning skills and understanding of abstract concepts. I feel as though the electives I took, along with the vocational program I took, have gave me better skills to help me achieve my goals in life, The vocational program I took especially which was graphics and printing has gradually helped me to get ready to enter the workforce. The classes I took in high school have also helped me become motivated to gain more knowledge. High school has granted me with very important lessons that will carry on and resonate within me for the rest of my
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