Personal Narrative: My Hero

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First there was nothing but darkness. It felt like an endless void for one man. But as quickly as the darkness appeared, it disappeared into the light of day. The man dubbed ‘Hero’ quickly looked around the lush hills consisting of trees, rabbits, birds, squirrels and… slimes? He slowly walked over to one, still not trusting his legs, and as he drew closer the slime jumped at him. The slime impacted Hero and sent him stumbling backwards. Hero looked for something to fend off the attacker and found a copper short sword at his hip. He pulled it out of the sheath and stabbed at the slime. To his surprise the slime exploded into a pile of copper coins and a few balls of slime. Walking toward it he was surprised when the 2 objects started to float…show more content…
Another thing was that hero had ventured underground to find treasures and ores. He’s found many ores and treasures a plenty along with many types of monsters. From skeletons of deceased miners, Vikings and many other types of people, to bats and even bigger slimes. Hero awoke from his slumber and donned his silver armor and silver broad sword. Packing his bag with the mining necessities, silver pickaxe, axe, torches, food, water, and potions. He opened the door to his room and stepped out to the large hallways of the giant manor that housed many-a people. From the guide Steve to a Merchant, Nurse, Demolitions Expert, and an Arms dealer. After leaving the manor and starting the trip under the ground, when he heard a loud explosion followed by a massive tremor. Hero ran back up the tunnel as fast as his legs could carry him before climbing the large hill overlooking the land. After surveying the area, he found what appeared to be a meteor crash. He hurried over to it and started to gather as much as possible. One large problem was that the meteor was still hot. He grabbed nearly all of it before rushing back to his house as the sun started to set. Once arriving, Hero rushed to the furnace in the basement to begin the smelting process of the meteor into bars. After a few
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