Personal Narrative: My Influences

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My Influences We human beings are all works of art. Every experience that we have is a new stroke of paint to our canvas. The things that influence us do the same. I am not a completed work of art, but I can show my progress of what makes me. I am influenced by the media, my teachers, and the neighborhoods I lived in. Now here is the showing of my work.
The Media The media that I became surrounded by in my life would influence how I see the world today. People, such as, Kendrick Lamar, Macklemore, Thom Hartmann, and Cenk Uygur became people I looked up to and listened to what they had to say. Kendrick Lamar is an inspirational artist that uses rap to speak about his upbringing and his political views. Kendrick Lamar showed me a different …show more content…

He is a progressive and has an insatiable desire to get rid of money in politics. The Young Turks introduced me to policies that I had never heard of. I did not know that corporations could legally give hundreds of thousands of dollars to politicians. Cenk did many discussions about it and showed me that this financing system is obviously unfair for the middle and lower classes in America. The show informed me about social issues and how it is ridiculous to even debate about people being treated as equals in society. Cenk also taught me a trick to convince people about the social issues. Go back in history and it will sound similar to what we are arguing about now. Conservatives in the early sixties were against black people going into the white restrooms. They would say that they had diseases that would harm our children, even if there was no proof of that. Now we see the whole transsexual bathroom debate conservatives say that if we let transgender women enter the restroom then men saying they are women would go in and rape someone, and there is no evidence of this happening in the many years of the transgender people choosing their own bathroom. Cenk Uygur taught me to take politics more serious than I had …show more content…

Norris influenced me through his teaching as well. Mr. Norris was a literature teacher and I did not enjoy my previous literature classes because it was boring busy work. This teacher was different. He would teach us to focus on the deeper meaning of the passages we read. When the class read a book, he would explain to us what the author is trying to say to us. This would change the way I read. Before I would stare at words and go page by page, now I am actively searching for the meaning in the text. Mr. Norris would join on the conversations me and my peers were having. Majority of them were over politics and Mr. Norris would put his voice in. When he spoke to us he seemed genuine and was logical. The way he talked about the issues impacted how I had discussions with my peers. It taught me to be cool about it do not let the debate get heated and make mature replies to someone’s

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