Personal Narrative: My Inner Peace Begins With One Person

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I am most proud of the first long composition that I wrote for this class. This was the personal narrative composition, and I wrote about my experience of entering a new school with people I have never met before. This paper explored how I transformed from being like everyone else, to becoming my own person. I did not have any interactions with this experience before this class. When I wrote the long composition, it was the first time I remembered this experience in many years, and it brought back other happy experiences that I had when I was in middle school. In the past, I have written multiple personal narratives, but this was the first personal narrative that I have written that had to be more than 2 pages. I have always enjoyed writing personal narratives, but I have always struggled with remembering exactly what happened. To help me remember the events that took place for this specific event, I went through old yearbooks of when I was in the seventh grade. Another struggle that happened while writing the long composition was the content. When I first started writing this paper, I did not know what details were important to the main focus of the story. In my first draft, I included details about non important characters. To improve my and get past…show more content…
What stuck out to me most about this piece is how a small and generous act can go a long way. The waitress gave a, seemingly homeless, woman a meal and two dollars for the bus, and with this, the woman was able to find a place to stay and also get a job. This text affected my writing by making me want to write a paper about someone helping another person. After reading this text, I wanted to write the second long composition about a generous person. Thankfully, I knew someone who was very generous to other people, and I was very excited to write my paper about him. That is how I got the idea to interview
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